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"Why everyone does not have one of these is beyond me" - Sadie's Transformation Story

Sadie Kirschke is the most amazing, badass woman I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  She and her husband sold their house in 2017 in order to drive around the world - literally!  This is her story of how The Wearable Wallet has helped make traveling easier.

I travel full time.


For years I had been searching for a solution to safely carry money and cards. Problem one: in my line of travel, purses are a vulnerability. I do not want to carry one. Problem two- women’s pants don’t have pockets (and if they do they are far from flattering). I tried travel belts. I tried fanny packs. I tried asking my husband to carry everything for me. None of those options were ideal.

Finally, on a random internet search, I came across the Wearable Wallet. Yessssss- that’s it! I contacted Caty just days before leaving for Central America and she produced a wallet that has literally become a part of me. I have worn it every day, through numerous countries, border crossings, in hot, cold, wet, miserable, and glorious conditions. Now, I have a credit card, debit card, driver’s license, and cash- concealed but easy to access- at all times.

And it looks bad ass! I love it.

Why everyone does not have one of these is beyond me. 

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 Sadie and her husband are still traveling the world.  Follow her Instagram @slowrollthemundo and @global_insight.  Her travel consulting website is www.globalinsight.consulting.  

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