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Friends drinking beer together at a brewery with The Wearable Wallet

Life is already stressful.

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We make everything from date nights to grocery shopping more enjoyable.


I have only taken it off to sleep and shower!  It’s a part of me for life!

Sadie K.

 The grocery store when I had all the kids with me is when I realized the it’s true worth. I was holding both the 3 yo and 2 yo at the register with an 11 yo touching everything and the 6 yo being tired and whiny. Yup. When I could reach my credit card on my wrist without setting them down, I truly felt relief.

Sarah P.

I feel tough and powerful with my wearable wallet!


It makes my work life so much easier and more convenient - I don’t even need to take my keycard out of it as I move from area to area in the building - I just move my wrist close to the card pad and beep myself in like a superhero!

Dana B.

Omg you made the airport amazing today!  Buying food and going through security with two littles was a breeze!!

Emily H.

Female clothing never has pockets big enough to carry anything besides some change and I was sick of it!  The Wearable Wallet was different because it became a part of me not just an extension.  I never have to worry about where my wallet is because it's just always there.  Now I always have my wallet right on me and I get the MOST compliments!


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