"Who wants to carry a purse anymore?" - Melinda's transformation story

"Who wants to carry a purse anymore?" - Melinda's transformation story

Here is what Melinda Zobrist from Virginia is saying about her Wearable Wallet.

mom grandmother and daughter smiling with the wearable wallet
What was the problem you were having before you had The Wearable Wallet? 

My mom is in a wheelchair. When I spend time with her and am responsible for pushing her wheelchair, I have nowhere to put my purse!  It turns into this crazy MacGuyver-ing of purse containment.

What did the frustration feel like as you tried to solve that problem? 

Mostly I would have to hang my purse on the wheelchair (where it would drag against the wheel) or wear a crossbody (which would hang and bump the back of my mom’s head). Last resort was to put the important things in my pockets, which we all know the lack of space in women’s clothing pockets! 

What was different about The Wearable Wallet? 

I mean, this is stating the obvious!  My wallet, on my arm, all of the critical pieces inside. It was a no-brained!

Take me to the moment when you realized The Wearable Wallet was actually working to solve your problem. 

The first time I wore it, it was like freedom. I had only my mom to be concerned with and not any accessory belongings. It was a life-changed!

What does life look like now that your problem is solved? 
This has translated over into every part of my life. It is so easy to take my mom places without being concerned with my wine belongings because they are right on my body. I use it in my work now, in every day momming, and happily while participating in my fetish of attending live music concerts. It stays firm and easily accessible on my wrist regardless of the amount of dancing (or transferring from the wheelchair in my mom”s case.) My daughter in fact also has one as well and she appreciates it when helping with her grandma as well as every day use. Who wants to carry a purse anymore?
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