"Now I always have my wallet right on me and I get the MOST compliments!" - Tara's transformation story

This is Tara, and this is her story of how The Wearable Wallet helped her.


guy and girl in garb at renaissance festival

Female clothing never has pockets big enough to carry anything besides some change and I was sick of it!  I drive a lot for work but don't have the ability to take a purse with me. 

I always had to carry a little wallet or wristlet at least and ended up losing them so I was basically married to my backpack.

The Wearable Wallet was different because it became a part of me and not just an extension.  I never have to worry about where my wallet is because it's always here.

The moment I found The Wearable Wallet was at my first renaissance festival in Loveland, CO and I knew it was too good to pass up.  Not only do I feel like a warrior princess but I am a warrior princess who isn't hindered by a lack of pockets in women's clothes!

Now, I always have my wallet right on me and I get the MOST compliments!  People constantly ask me where I got my cool bracelet and I get to tell them it's actually a wallet too!!!  Andddd I get to whip my business cards out of it like a boss!


If you're tired of a lack of pockets for your wallet essentials, head to www.thewearablewallet.com to download the sizing template, choose your favorite color, and get ready for all the compliments!

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