Need Valentine's Day gift ideas? 🙋‍♀️

Need Valentine's Day gift ideas? 🙋‍♀️

Can I share a secret with you?




I don't like Valentine's Day.  

I don’t like chocolate.  I don't like frilly things.  I especially don't like walking into a grocery store with pink and red hearts exploding out of every isle.  

February 14th is a day where a lot of singles feel extra lonely and a lot of married couples feel disappointed that their partner forgot to bring home flowers (at the very least).  But the truth is that everyone just wants to feel loved and appreciated on Valentine's Day.  

Now, maybe you really love all the Valentine-y things.  If so, I truly and genuinely hope that this year is everything you imagined.  ❤️

If, however, you want to get yourself or your significant other a gift that's not clique, here are a few unique gift ideas:

  1. The Wearable Wallet gift card.  Ok, you knew that was coming, right?  And yes, gift cards aren’t exactly romantic.  However, the great thing is that you can give the gift that they really want - in the right size and color of their choosing!
  2. MeUndies.  If you want to get some lingerie but want your nerdy flag to fly, MeUndies has some really great options.  Star Wars, Avengers, Baby Yoda, you name it…  I personally have been eyeing the Harry Potter sets for a while.  :)
  3. A handwritten letter.  A greeting card is nice, but with a handwritten letter, you can say exactly what's on your heart to your loved one.  
  4. Wine and Paint night - most local studios have take-home kits available, thanks to not being able to host in-person classes.  Alternatively, you can buy your own wine and paint supplies and do a YouTube video together.  
  5. FriXion pen and Rocketbook for the person who’s constantly buying journals and pens.

There ya go!  I hope that list helps get your creative gift-giving juices flowing.  


If you're still stuck but you know your partner's enneagram, check out this cool blog post I found.  It lists Valentine's Day gift ideas based on your enneagram type.

Do you love all things Valentine's Day or not so much? 

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