Meet The Wearable Wallet Team!

Meet The Wearable Wallet Team!

Our word for 2020 is "Growth", and boy lemme tell you!  We are growing over here at The Wearable Wallet HQ!  
Since we've added some new faces, here are a few quick bios of everyone on our team:
Wally, Director of Fun
Wally the wearable wallet with lightsaber
Wally joined the team in October, 2019.  Let me tell you, he has brought a whole dose of fun to our group!  He is the life of the party.  
In his spare time, Wally loves to travel, meet new people, and loves chatting about Star Wars.    
Fred, Executive Assistant
Fred the assistant making his coffee
Fred took on the important role of EA in January 2019.  He has the very important job of keeping everyone on task.  He has an incredible talent for listening before speaking and is very detail oriented.  
Fred loves details, problem solving, and coffee.  In his spare time, Fred likes jigsaw puzzles, sitting quietly in the sunshine, and talking to kids.
Suzie, Director of Marketing

Suzie came on staff soon after Fred.  She loves all things marketing and often has very creative strategies.  
In her spare time, Suzie loves going to parties with her friends (bathtub parties are the best!), swimming, and also talking to kids (little girls are her favorites).  
Humphreys, Production Efficiency Expert
You may remember seeing Humphreys last summer.  He came on board at a very crucial time - right when we were trying to boost productivity just before the summer holidays!  Thankfully, he has proven himself invaluable to our team.  We can't imagine life without him!
Humphreys loves silence, observation, and the color red.  In his spare time, he listens to classical music, educational podcasts, and learning the latest productivity hacks.  He aspires to be the most productive member on Team TWW!

Caty, Chief Everything Officer
climbing koko head trail
Since Caty is the only team member with hands, she ends up doing most of the work.  She is arguably the most creative and productive team member (but don't tell Suzie or Humphreys!). 
Caty loves coffee, running, and summer.  In her spare time, she is mom to three tiny humans (who occasionally help her work), supports her husband's passion for baseball (specifically the Washington Nationals), and dreams of living by the ocean. 
Her 2020 goal is to complete a sprint or Olympic distance triathlon this summer in addition to her annual half marathon race.
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