"It's Not A Purse Replacement" - Katie's Story

"It's Not A Purse Replacement" - Katie's Story

This is the transformation story of Katie Redman, with Redman Accounting Solutions.  These are her own words describing how The Wearable Wallet has helped make her life easier.

When I first saw The Wearable Wallet I immediately thought "what a perfect idea for motorcyclists". My husband and I use to ride often and I hated taking my purse with me, so I'd usually stick the important cards in an ID holder and shove it in my back pocket. The Wearable Wallet would be handier, more accessible, free-up my back pocket, and look amazing!

Since we didn't ride much anymore, I put it off. Then we went on family vacation. We went on many hikes and again, I didn't want to take my purse with me, but sometimes there were gift shops or food vendors at the end of the hikes and I needed cash with me. Every time I found myself putting bills in my pockets, I kept thinking "boy, The Wearable Wallet would be so nice right now."

The moment we got home from vacation, I ordered my first Wearable Wallet - in that awesome red. When I first got it, I kept thinking it needed to replace my purse, and I couldn't give up all the mom-necessities I carry with me. Then one day, I was going to an all-day craft fair and decided decided to take both my purse AND wear my Wearable Wallet. Genius!!!! It was so fast & easy to checkout! I wasn’t fumbling around with my purse and wallet while the vendor is trying to give me my bag, handing me change/signature device, and get people thru the line. So my epiphany was, The Wearable Wallet is not necessarily to replace my purse, but rather to make my wallet more accessible.  What a life-changer! 

For me, its not something I want/need to wear all the time, but it works AWESOME for any time I need to have quick or frequent access to ID and cash/debit card (like bar-hopping in Nashville, sporting events, shopping, craft/vendor/food fairs) or when we're doing activities that just don't work to have a purse slung around you (like motorcycle or ATV riding). I have 2 Wearable Wallets now. I keep one at home, and one in my purse for those times I might want to throw it on. Since its flat it doesn't take up any room at all.

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