Behind the Scenes: The Amie

Behind the Scenes: The Amie

The Amie cuff | black cuff with pink thread | The Wearable Wallet

In the spring of 2019, I (Caty) met the most amazing lady.  Her name is Amie, and we met at a networking event in Parker, CO.  What struck me right away was her hair - it was hot pink!  I had seen her around my first few visits, but this was the first time we actually spoke.

review of The WEarable Wallet | The Amie

Her personality matched her hair - she was feisty, full of energy, and knew exactly what she wanted.  She was planning on going to a concert with a friend in July - a long-time friend that had always been looking after Amie's belongings (we all need a friend like that!).  Amie wanted The Wearable Wallet to keep track of her own credit card/ID/etc - and as a surprise to this friend (inside joke).  

the amie cuff | The wearable wallet | black cuff with pink thread

She went through the colors I had in stock, deciding on the black with black thread.  "After all, it won't clash with my hair."  

Not 10 minutes later, she comes dashing back to me and asks - "Can you get a pink thread?"  

Light bulbs go off in my head - black with pink would look epic!  And it would be perfect for her!

Thus - the Amie was born!  

And yes - the real Amie had a blast at the concert.  


If you have a favorite color or color combo, please leave a comment and let us know!  We are always looking for new color combos.  Who knows - maybe yours will be the newest Collection!

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