3 Painless Tips to Break In New Leather

3 Painless Tips to Break In New Leather

Have you ever gotten a pair of brand new leather boots?  They are beautiful, they smell amazing, and they HURT! Until you break them in - which may take about 20 miles - your feet may be a little on the sore side of life.  

new and old leather boots, how to break in new leather

But as soon as you break them in - you remember why you love leather!  It conforms to your body, it ages beautifully, it’s classic and always in style, and it lasts forever.

This is exactly why The Wearable Wallet is made out of leather versus a fabric alternative.  

So if you’re struggling to break in your wallet - or any other leather product - here are some tips to get it done quickly:

1.  Wear it all the time! Put it on right away in the morning and keep it on.  Plus, you are guaranteed to receive compliments all day long!

walking around California with purse and The Wearable Wallet


2.  Sweat in it.  Going for a run, bike ride, or to lift weights?  Got a last-minute hike planned? Wear your cuff and use your perspiration to your advantage!  Trust me - it really helps speed up the process.

running with The Wearable Wallet


3.  Get it wet.  This last tip comes from a customer: "Soak the leather in warm water - or wear it in the bath (not the shower, and not if you're using bubbles). Then, wear the wallet as it dries, taking it off periodically to bunch, twist, and massage the leather. If you can't wear it long enough for it to fully dry, make a firm tube out of rolled up washcloths (be careful of dye transfer!) that is slightly larger than your wrist (because the washcloths squish a little) and wrap the wallet around that overnight. Be sure to have a couple of cards in there while it dries, so they fit when it is dry! When the leather is fully dry, moisturize it with something easily absorbable and all natural (NOT hand lotion). I used coconut oil (don't go overboard, treat the leather like you treat your face when you apply lotion...enough so the leather feels hydrated, but not so much that it gets greasy). Then, wear wear wear it! Wear it, sweat in it, flex in it, snap it, unsnap it, roll it up, twist it around, and wear it some more. The leather will be broken in in no time. As a bonus, all this love and attention gives the leather character and makes it look like you've had it forever."

If you are looking for a great leather conditioner, check out this leather balm from Wander Wax.  (not an ad)  I use it on my cuffs, and have been very happy with it!

    There ya have it!  

    If you have any other tips on how to break in leather quickly, please share your knowledge!  Leave a comment or drop a quick email to thewearablewallet@gmail.com.

    Stay awesome!

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