Top 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2020

Top 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2020


I have a confession to make.  *deep breath*  It’s really hard to admit, but they say acceptance is the first step in recovery, so *another deep breath* here it goes…


I’m terrible at buying gifts.


Phew, glad I got that off my shoulders!  Fortunately, I don’t think I’m the only one.  UN-fortunately, that often means my husband (who’s awesome at giving gifts, btw) has received birthday gifts wrapped  in newspaper because I bought them on his birthday and didn’t have time to dig out the wrapping paper.  Oops.  Thank goodness he is so gracious.


If you are like me and you struggle with providing a thoughtful gift for your man on Father’s Day (which is on June 21 this year), I’ve got you covered!  Here are 10 awesome gifts to help any dad feel super special.


1. Coffee lover?  

Check out J Thaddeus Coffee or your local coffee shop for new coffee blends, a coffee subscription like one of these, or another way to make his favorite brew (Aeropress, Chemex, espresso maker, Moka pot, pour over, French press... oh let me count the ways).  A milk frother can turn an ordinary cup of coffee into a heavenly latte. 
ways to make coffee


2. Home brew kit

If he likes to get creative in the kitchen, there are several options out there to try something new.  Does he like beer?  Brooklyn Brew Shop has a lot of great styles he can brew.  Everything is included to make a 1 gallon batch of beer.  Or better yet, Google your closest homebrew shop (search for “homebrew shop”), tell them your budget, and ask them to build you a kit around his favorite beer.  You get to support your local small business and get a customized beer brew kit for the type of beer your man likes. 


3. New Wallet

The Wearable Wallet is of course a great option for the dude that’s often losing his wallet or complains of a numb butt from sitting on it.  If he isn’t a cuff-wearing dude, there are lots of slim wallets out there!  The Ridge slim wallet is very popular right now.  
man wearing the wearable wallet


4.  DIY cooking class

Cooking classes are expensive and probably on hold right now, so create one at home!  Buy a cheese kit (we've tried this one) or DIY sausage kit.  It’s also a great date night at home activity.  You could also get him a new grill seasoning if he really loves his grill or buy a sourdough starter for awesome breads and pizza crusts!


5. A message from Brett Favre (or someone else)

Use Cameo to get a personalized video from his favorite celebrities (it doesn't have to be Favre).  Actors to sports to YouTubers - you name it they probably have it!  You can also save 10% when you sign up.


6. A custom gift

Dads are special - so get him a custom gift!  Alight Custom can create and laser engrave anything you can dream up.  Check out their Man Cave collection for inspiration.  
video game art for extra life alight custom


7. Leather belt

A genuine leather belt is such a classic and always appreciated.  It lasts a long time and develops such a character that faux leather belts can't hang with.  Here are two great options, both of which are made in the USA:  Odin Leather and Coleman Haberdashery.  If he already has a leather belt, you could also look at getting him a decorative belt buckle.


8. Trip with The Guys

If you want to plan something especially spectacular, contact his buddies and plan a day to go fishing, a sports outing, concert, or even a weekend hunting and camping trip for him.  His face will be priceless when you spring this on him (especially if you've already bought tickets or secured the date)!


9. A day to do whatever he wants  

Never underestimate this gift.  Nothing says, “I love you,” like letting him spend the day gaming, fishing, sleeping in, golfing, or whatever else he likes to do. This day isn’t about you - Mother’s Day was last month. 
funny father's day meme

Source: Instagram

10. Gift card 

This lacks some umph in the excitement department, but it means he gets to buy something he really wants.  Here are some fun ways to deliver gift cards or cash. P.S. - does he want a wearable wallet, but you don't know which one?  We now sell gift cards!


11.  BONUS!  

Order his favorite food and either go on a picnic, hike, or watch a movie.  You could offer to watch a replay of his favorite sports game.  (World Series 2019 Game 7 was pretty epic, as long as he isn’t an Astros fan)  Trust me ladies - sitting and enjoying his sport with him really shows how much you know and love him.  


If you're still stuck and you've jumped on the Enneagram bandwagon, check out the gift guide by Just My Enneatype.  On their Instagram account, they have these gift guides based on each number.

Here's the list for ones

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Did this list help?  Did I forget something?  Leave a comment below and let us know!



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