3 tips on breaking in The Wearable Wallet

3 tips on breaking in The Wearable Wallet

I have a favorite pair of leather boots.  I bought them over 5 years ago and wore them almost every day.  I loved them so much that I wore an unsightly hole in the toe.  Can you spot it?

Steve Madden boots

Then last month, my dear husband bought me a new pair.  And oh goodness gracious, let me tell you - I had totally forgotten how stiff new leather boots are!  👀

New leather anything - shoes, baseball glove, wallet, or leather cuff - requires a breaking-in period that is usually uncomfortable.  I hear this a lot when people are trying on The Wearable Wallet for the first time.  But once the leather is broken in, it feels like it's a part of you!  ❤


Here are some tips and tricks to help jump-start the breaking in process:

1.  Wring it out.  Basically, twist the leather cuff back and forth lots of times.  This is probably the fastest way to break in a new leather cuff!  The only downside is that it makes the cuff very wrinkly.  

2.  Stick an orange in it!  This is possibly the strangest advice I've ever received regarding leather.  A customer of mine had a daughter who did figure skating.  Apparently they were told to stick a whole orange inside the ice skate to help soften the leather!  So when you take off your cuff for the day, stick a clementine or a lemon inside.

3.  Wear it.  I walked over 50 miles in my new boots while on my anniversary trip.  By the time I flew home, they were officially broken in.  With The Wearable Wallet, I recommend wearing it every day for 2-3 weeks.  When it's on, snap and unsnap it.  Rotate your wrist all around.  This helps the leather conform to your arm.  


What are your favorite leather tips?

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