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3 steps to use food to feel your best

The theme for February is Feel Your Best - because you should feel your best every day of the year, not just on February 14.

Feeling your best starts with what goes into our bodies.  That’s why this month is starting off with holistic coach Emma Moyer.  You catch the whole interview here, or you can read the highlights below:

“Being a holistic health coach, I’m really looking at not just the food you’re putting into your body  That’s only one avenue to make you healthy. You also want to think about stress, relationships, and spirituality because it all contributes to your overall health.  With holistic nutrition, I’m not only teaching people what is healthy [foods] and not, but really how to tune into your own body. When are you too stressed out? What is causing it - is it food or a relationship?”

“Functional nutrition is a simple idea, but a complex application.  The simplicity is to use food as thy medicine (Hippocrates), but the complexity is that each person is truly unique!”  In short, not all diets are created equal - a Paleo diet may work for one person, but the next person really responds well to a vegan diet.  

“The one thing I do tell everyone is to eat whole food.  Don’t worry about the fats or the carbs, just try go as whole as you can.”  That means shopping the perimeter of the grocery store versus the isles where all the boxed packages are.  

Here are Emma’s top 3 tips to start fueling your body to start feeling your best from the inside out:

  1. Plan.  Set yourself up for success by looking at your calendar and meal plan around your schedule.  Start off by trying to meal plan a week or two at a time, or even just a few days at a time to have the freshest foods.  It can take a while to get into a rhythm if you’re new to meal planning, so give yourself grace to be a beginner.
  2. Get into a routine of cooking more at home.  By cooking even mac n’ cheese at home, you are getting into the habit of cooking and eating more whole foods versus Kraft.
  3. Look at the quality of the foods you are eating.  Look at your budget and start prioritizing on getting more organic or local foods.  Quality does cost more, so start with substituting one thing food item at a time.

The biggest key to success is to gradually step into it.  It doesn’t have to be “all or nothing”. Emma says, “I started off by substituting white bread for wheat bread.  Once you start making one healthy change and start feeling a little better, it’s really like the domino effect!”   

To connect more with Emma, head over to @beyondthebumpnutrition on Instagram or  

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